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How will the coaches communicate with parents and athletes?

The athletes will get information at the beginning of each practice.  

In addition, there will be two more sources for getting information to the athletes and parents.  Remind will be the main method of distributing information.  Please take the time to join!

1. Remind – this is a service that will send updates to your email or texts to your mobile device.

a. b. Mobile Device – text @2018rhscc to the number 81010

2. Cross Country website (

a. The website is updated often during the season.  Please make sure to check periodically for any announcements or changes.

Who are this year’s captains?

Captains will be selected by the coaches based on nominations, recommendations, and votes from the current team.  The 2018 captains are Morgan Schultz and Emily Cramer for the Girls and Ryan Brewer and Daniel Mader for the boys.

When and where are practices held?

Practices are held every school day at 3:45pm.  The location is yet to be determined.  

Practice is normally 1 to 1 ½ hours long.  

We practice outside on the sidewalks, streets, and trails throughout the community regardless of the weather.  Please make sure to have appropriate clothes.

What equipment do I need to participate?

As the seasons rapidly change during Cross Country, it will be necessary to have warm weather clothes available as well as cold weather clothes.

A good pair of training shoes is a must have item!  RMC or Runaway Shoes will give your son/daughter a foot test to determine the best type of shoe for their individual style of running.  A racing shoe is recommended, but not required.  If you get a racing shoe, make sure it has a rubber sole and NOT plastic.

Who gets to be Varsity and why?  When are cuts made?

The top 7 or 8 runners based on time from the previous race make up the varsity squad.  If you don’t make varsity the first meet, don’t worry there are several chances for you to make the varsity squad.

No one gets cut from Cross Country!  Everyone gets to run every meet until the state tournament.

What are the priorities for Cross Country athletes?

This will be covered at the meeting.  However, if you can’t or didn’t make the meeting, you can ask any current or former athlete involved with CC.  It hasn’t, and won’t, be changed!

How do I earn a letter?

A varsity letter is earned by earning points throughout the season.  A minimum of 25 points need to be accumulated by the end of the season.  Points are earned based on the following system.

Individual Points –   5 pts for placing in the top 10% of the meet

                              3 pts for placing in the 11% to 25% of the meet

                    1 pt for placing in the 26% to 50% of the meet

                    3 pts for being runner 1 and 2 on the  Ripon team

                    2 pts for being runner 3 thru 5 on the Ripon team

                    1 pt for being runner 6 and 7 on the Ripon team

 Team Points*       5 pts for finishing 1st

                            3 pts for finishing 2nd

                            1 pt for finishing 3rd

                            * there must be 7 or more teams to earn team points

Points can be deducted at any time for disciplinary reasons.

An athlete that earns All Conference recognition is also eligible for a letter.  Anyone who is a participant or alternate at the state meet is also eligible for a letter.

What three meets that are most important at RHS CC?

All of the meets we participate in are important, but we put the most emphasis on Conference, Sectionals, and State.